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Za Makeup Launch - Perfect Action Mascara and Impact Full Eyes Eyeshadows posted at 10:50 PM

Za Perfect Action Mascara and Impact Full Eyes Eye Shadows Event
(With Forever 21 'Back to School' Theme)

Za held their lovely event at Forever 21!! Once we were there, we were greeted with a lovely display of Za items! The Za team had done a fabulous job decorating it!! It was so pretty and I'm sure Za has done a lot of effort for this! Thank you Za for all your hard work!

Great news ladies! Za is launching two new makeup items to their collection - Perfect Action Mascara and Impact Full Eyes Gradation/Groovy Eye Shadows!!

Here's what I wore to the event! A simple floral dress! Went with Pearlin to the event! I'm so glad she's there! It's always fun and exciting to be with this amazing girl!!


Perfect Action Mascara

The Blue Mascara is a Waterproof Mascara!

 While the Gold Mascara is Smudgeproof Mascara!

 This will be launched on 19 September at Watsons! Do go and take a look! it will be retailed at SGD$19.50

Impact Full Eyes Gradation/Groovy Eye Shadows

There are two types that are launched! For 'Gradation', it's the eye shadow palette with a more box structure while 'Groovy' is the one with a more circular structure. These lovely eye shadows were all inspired by things that we wear!!For example...


Don't know which palette to go for? Well...

Gradation has more similar colors for easy blending and at the same time gives a pearly texture for a wide eyed look.

And Groovy has a variety of colors for you to create different looks.

Personally I like safer colors, so I prefer 'Gradation'. It's perfect for any occasion! (read till the end to see how I wear it!)

This has been launched at Watsons! It is retailed at SGD$18.90

Forever 21 'Back to School' Theme

After the Za team has let us seen the new products, it's time for Forever 21 to showcase their 'Back to School' theme.

It was so cool how some students will wear this to school! I would probably not wear like that to school though because I'm lazy and would not want to wake up 1 hour before to dress up! :P


After the event, Za brought us to Coffee Stars at Wisma. The cakes were so so so so nice!! 

Seriously it's so mouthwatering!!!!! Oh my gosh... I'm totally recalling the taste as I'm typing!!

 Trying it out...

The bloggers were given a gift hamper from Za and F21 that day! I couldn't wait to try it!

 First up is the eye shadow. I wanted a natural look that I could wear to work and out.  I used the Gradation palette, Leather Bag (BR261) to create the following look:

 Just a little and the effect is out! Wanted a very natural look here. (Sorry for the bad lighting... I need a ring light!! ahh!!)

Next up is the eyeshadow, I combined both Waterproof (2 Coats) and Smudgeproof (1 coat) to get the following look:

So this look is great for work!! Here's my geeky self:

And after work, I can wear this look out: 

Plus you can look at my new banner!! Both looks are done using the following Products:

Foundation: Za True White Liquid Foundation, Za Two way Cake (the lightest shade)
Eye Brows:  Za Ever Brows (BR22)
Eye Shadow: Za Impact Full Eyes Gradation - Leather Bag
Mascara: Za Perfect Action Mascara - Waterproof and Smudgeproof

I wore this out for one day and found that both the eye shadow and mascara stayed! And the best part for me was when I removed the mascara, it was so easy to be removed!! Yay to Za new products!

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Hada Labo Perfect Gel 3-in-1 Ultra Hydrating Gel (Sleeping Mask) Review posted at 11:49 PM

Hada Labo Perfect Gel 3-in-1 Ultra Hydrating Gel (Sleeping Mask) Review

Hello!! Really wanted to share this review for quite some time now! 

I have dry skin and my Aesthetician has recommended me to put on face masks every day or at least every 2 days. But... seriously... who is so hardworking to do this every other day? 

But finally I found one product that matches my skin and gives me what I want - Hada Labo's Perfect Gel! 
 Pic credit to their facebook page, https://www.facebook.com/hadalabosg

The best thing about this is that it's a sleeping gel - one that does not need to be removed!! So you can just sleep and wake up with good skin! I tried this for about 3 months now and it works so well that I seldom see a zit popping out now! I am not even kidding... The first try and I could see how great this product works and was immediately sold! 

What's more is that it's gel so it's is much better than a cream product. A Cream product can increase in the aging process! So be careful when you're shopping for a product!

I am able to wear one layer of powder foundation and a bit of concealer out now because it has greatly improved my skin condition!! Super love and highly recommended!

This was taken recently. 

 In just two months my face has already improved. With light eye makeup on and light powder foundation (concealer only under eye area).

I bought it at Watsons for SGD$35.90. It's really worth the amount. Used it for 3 months and only 1/5 is gone. Hope it works for you too (:

(P.S: I use it everyday at night. For those with normal or oily complexions, probably use it 2-5 times a week. Remember we would lose moisture for our skin everyday, so remember to hydrate yourself and use this product to replenish the lost moisture!) 

For more up-to-date posts/what I am doing, please follow me on my instagram! I am more active there! at linnhearts

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Cosmo Youth Parade Media Conference 2013 - KingXMon, Saffron, Yui, Misa Intimate Interview (Part 1) posted at 12:31 AM

Cosmo Youth Parade Media Conference 2013 (Part 1)

Celebrity Cosplayers: 

Pic credits to the original owner. From their Facebook pages.

Hi minna-san! I am so happy and honored to be able to go for Cosmo Youth Parade Media Conference 2013!

It was such a great experience to see these great cosplayers up close and personal and dressed down. After this event, it made me think how much more I can improve on my own cosplays. While talking, you could see the love and effort they put for their cosplay.

I went down with gyaru make up and clothes that day! ヽ(≧Д≦)ノ

Media Interview:

Disclaimer: my recorder was spoilt that day :0 So this is based on what I've written down and remembered.  The answers may not be the actual wording but the meaning is about the same.

Interview with Cosplayers
(From left to right) Mon, King, Misa, Saffron, Yui

Mon, King and Misa are from Taiwan // Saffron and Yui are from Hong Kong

1. Would you rather cosplay in a group or individual?

Mon: Single. I get embarrassed easily ⊂((〃’⊥’〃))⊃ *hides*

King: Alone or 1-2 people. It's easier to portray the feelings of the character. It is also not as messy as when in a group when we have to make sure everyone is ok.

Misa: I used to go to a club where we cosplay together... Nowadays though, I prefer to cosplay alone as it's easier to express what the character is about.

Saffron: Mine is about the same as King. Alone or 1-3 people so that it's easier to manage.

Yui: Alone or up to 2 people. Everyone have their own ideas on how the character should be photographed or a theme that the character should be about. Thus, it's easier to work alone.

2. Would you prefer a guy or girl cos?

Mon: Girl. I think my face is too cute/difficult to cosplay a guy. 

King:Guy. This is because my physique and more of a challenge. 。◕‿◕。

Misa: Mostly girl. This is because my face is more of the "ruan mian mian"type of face. If I want to cosplay guy, I'll just look at King. (laughs) (>y<)

Saffron: Mostly guy. I think I'll spoil the image if I cosplay a girl. (laughs) o (◡‿◡)

Yui: I'm ok with either.  Though I think a girl is more difficult, especially with the make up.

3. If you cosplay a certain character (eg: main character) from a anime/game etc, would you consider to cosplay the side character?

All: Yes, but depends if I like it or not. Also, depends if I can carry the character off. (❁´◡`❁)*✲゚*

4. Would you prefer to buy or make your own costume or props?

All: Prefer to do ourself!

Mon: When I do it myself, I know what I exactly want.

King: It takes a lot of time to find the exact cloth/item I need. But I think it's a process where you can learn about yourself and improve on areas that you never knew you could. There was once where I had to go to Hong Kong just to get the exact cloth that I want for my character.

Misa: Well, if you buy from a shop, they ''úp" the price quite a bit. I found out, usually they make it for about 1/10 of the price they are selling. I find it much more satisfying to make it myself and at the same time, save money! (laughs) ლ(╹◡╹ლ) 

Saffron: It's better as you can make more complex items that you normally cannot buy off the rack. It is also done based on what I want.

Yui: It's a kind of enjoyment to make the items and it's more tailored to my size. (◕‿◕✿)

5. What would you do if someone pretends to be you and acts on your behalf?

Mon: It actually happened to me and they use my picture and create a page for themselves. My friends are usually the ones who find out about it and they let me know. A few times, the person can write fluent English and my friends immediately know that it's not me. (laughs) Usually I'll send a message just to let them know that they shouldn't use it but I normally don't block them. 

King: I think this kind of things happen. Someone used me on Weibo to get to know friends. But I guess these kind of things you can't stop it. Normally, I don't do anything about it though.

Misa: Wah! I'm not as nice as you guys (laughs)! ヽ(´ー`)┌ Normally, I'll block that person! But of course it depends... If he uses my name and say bad things to people, I'll report and immediately block him.

6. Ok, tell us... What kind of food do you like to eat in Singapore so far?

Mon: Hainanese Chicken Rice! (=^・ω・^)=

King: Same! I think Singaporeans actually like spicy food. The chilli was quite spicy compared to Taiwan but it was so nice!

Misa: I love Singapore's Rice...! (Media replys: We usually use Thai Rice) Oh really? I really love how each rice is so nice and "li li fen ming" 

King: We actually went to the supermarket yesterday, and Misa was looking at the rice section for some time and asking me if she should buy it! (laughs) (=´∇`=)
Misa: Haha... ya! I want to bring it back home!

Saffron: I love the Hainanese Chicken rice too! The one in Hong Kong is actually much oilier.

Yui: I love the Ba Kut Teh we had yesterday. I especially love the dark soy sauce that was used! I want to buy that back to HK too!

 7. What's your Favourite Manga/Anime?

King: Slam Dunk! In fact I'm forming a  team for a photo shoot in October! In that team, we have 2 ladies (me and someone else) so we gotta muscle up before the shoot. It should be ready for viewing in November

Misa: Neon Genesis Evangelion! I love LoL - League of Legends too!   

Saffron: Cyber Forumla! I love how the cars raced, I had such a great time watching it!

Yui: Full metal Alchemist. I learnt a lot and love Roy Mustang in the show!

And of course... with so many media asking questions, I had to ask my 2 following burning questions as well! And I am sure you would love to know too!

8. I know all of you have so many fans! What kind of advice would you like to give for your fans when they are cosplaying? For example: for their makeup/wig

Mon: It depends on the character, but most of the time anime characters have sharp distinct features. It would be best to shade the nose bridge to have a sharper tip (It's a must! (laughs)). If I'm cosplaying a guy, I'll cover my lips with concealer and use a coffee-coloured lipstick to go over. Basically I think it's good to keep your make-up to be clean. As long it's clean it's good. Also, for the hair-

King: haha, you still want to go on... haha

Mon: ~(>_<。)\ *embarrased* haha

King: haha, we'll let the others continue for hair. For me, the eyebrows should be drawn according to the character. For guy, the eyebrow should be drawn nearer to the eye and higher. While for a girl, The eyebrows should be like this. *lifts Mon's bangs and points* 

Misa: Well, for me I would suggest that you stick your wig hair that is near your (side) face onto your face. (But of course it depends on the character!) This would create an illusion of a sharper face. A lot of people use eyelash glue but I prefer using Double Eyelid sticker to stick it on. So if the wind blow, you can see my back hair is messy but my front face would be still prefect (laughs)

Saffron: I think like what King has mentioned, the eyebrow should be done such that it's more like the character. Also, for the poses, it good to know what you want and communicate with your partner/photographer. At the end of the day, it's about the feeling you can portray for the character. 

Yui: For the wig, i would suggest that they concentrate on both the front and the back. A lot of people only concentrate on the front and neglect the back. It shouldn't be so, because it shows in pictures. (ノ´∀`*)ノ

9. Do you have any werid fans before? If yes, can you share (〃⌒▽⌒)

Mon: There used to be a weird guy who kept asking me personal questions on facebook. At first I tried to answer but slowly I told him I'm not comfortable with those questions. ヾ(o・ω・)ノ

King: There was a more "passionate" female fan that acted like I was her boyfriend. Σ(・ω・`|||) Everyday, she would follow me home and I didn't really like it because it would disturb my family. So I had to ask my family to tell her to go home as it was not safe to be alone outside (at night). 

Saffron: There was one fan who recognized me and came from the back (running) and hugged me and slapped my butt. I was shocked! ヽ(´Д`) I understand that she might be slightly excited, but it should still be based on mutual respect. i wouldn't be so OK with hugging strangers straight away.

Yui: Same. I wouldn't want people to hug me straightaway. There should still be some respect. ♡(*´∀`*)人(*´∀`*)♡

 And that was the end of interview!

What happened next, I've been dying to tell all of you!  Personally, I'm a huge KingXMon fan. After the interview ended, King actually asked if he could take photo of the Media. Christopher (one of the Parade Organizers), gave the go-ahead. 




Inside, I was like "Linda! Don't panic, She probably just wants to get something from the back or something"


(Ok, Linda... Remember to breathe!) 

King: 嗨!你好! 我可以拍照我觉得你很可爱!( Hi! Can I take a picture with you? I think you're so cute!)

(Breathe Linda!!) 

Of Course I said Yes!! And my heart skipped a beat! I mean... These kind of things only happen in movies don't they!! When your favourite artist actually wants to take a picture with you!! Like.... WOW! And actually, I was the one who wanted a picture first!!

We took a picture with King's phone and she was so near me! haha so happy and shy~ ☆*:.。. o(≧▽≦)o .。.:*☆ I asked if I could take a picture as well, and she like sure! She even asked me if the picture was ok for me.

哇! King! 你也太COOL 吧?!

And then... another sentence that gave me another (good) heart attack:

King: 其实,当你走进时候, 小夢夢看着你, 说 "这个女孩哑!" (When you came in, Mon and I kept saying this girl is very pretty!)

Oh my... King is just too nice!! 。◕‿◕。

After that, King went back to sign Cosmo's merchandises and Sgcafe's T-shirt. And throughout the whole evening, I felt so happy and special! Basically I was ''fangirling'' the whole night even when I went home!

In fact, when I had the chance to take a picture with Mon, she said the exact same thing to me! *(*´∀`*)☆ I'm in cloud nine!

   漂亮小夢夢 (Mon)



  可爱的 Misa

和 KingXMon ☆彡 

 With Natalie, one of the crew

With Shawn, Media. Hehe... and my personal friend as well!

After that, they were busy signing the merchandises: 

And group picture with all the Media:

With one of the other Media there, Gordon. Loved their expression in this picture!

Thanks for reading and thanks to Cosmo Youth Parade for organizing them to come!! :D 


To: King, Mon, Misa, Yui and Saffron

我很高兴你来到新加坡! 希望你这里一个美好的回忆那天,我很高兴可以知道的Cosplay 想, 让我想提高cosplay 计巧我学到了很多! 


P.S: I don't know why there is some weird rumor saying bad things about the Organiser of Cosmo. You can read from both Misa and KingXMon's Facebook saying that it's not true. Personally, when I talk to them and see with my own eyes how they treat the cosplayers, they are really really good. Very concern over the cosplayer's welfare and help them in whatever they can. Well, it's up to you to believe, but what I saw can't be fake.


Follow me on my Facebook, Instagram and Twitter and get updates on my second post for Cosmo Youth Parade!

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