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Shugo Chara photoshoot #1 posted at 2:44 AM




UPDATES: KONICHIWA to everyone who's interested in my cosplay life! :D im still quite new to the scene so thank you for all your nice support :D
this time, im cos-ing Utau from Shugo Chara!

and this is how utau looks like :D

Anyway for this character that i have to portray is someone who is lonely because of her own family background but has a strong desire to save his brother (which is also someone who loves :X) from going into the depths of hell. Therefore she decided that she'll do anything for his brother, ikuto to gain freedom. which = serious and fierce character (at least in this character version)

Im was trying my best to portray it, getting tips from my SC cos-group and the photographers. The photoshoot was held at the Botanic Garden. And the photographers, Ash and Vader Shana, are both professional photographers.

i had so much fun that day :D

Alright! let me introduce my group to you guys!

our leader, Miyuki who is cos-ing as Ikuto

Playgal who is cos-ing as Amu.

Coin who is Amu-sub character, Dia.

XiaoDevil cosing as sensei (gd version)

and Linn as Utau :D


there is still 2 characters that wasnt able to go for the photoshoot. 1st is anna who is cos-ing as rima. 2nd is sunshine who is cos-ing as Amulet Heart.

Well, i gotta admit that my expression is not very good yet. but you'll be able to see improvement on my second photoshoot!

will update more next time :D

P.S: just did SECOND mini-photoshoot with RIMA. will post that up
MUCH later. sorry! >.<
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