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old things gone. let new things come forth posted at 2:56 PM

alright, like i was saying in my other post, im sick :/ had diarrhea for 2 days, now im losing my voice due to the couth that im having. ARGH.

My phone died on me. DOUBLE ARGH. because of that last week when i wasnt able to go to school, it was really difficult for me to contact my frens. Now, im rushing my school work. and hopefully able to complete my excel hw! excel is so difficult :/

all in all, kind of a bad week but well like they say, if old things dont go away, how can new things come? (*Direct translation from chinese)

SO, now i've a new phone! not a super great model but well, i like it (; wanted the pinkish-purple one though but didnt have that colour anymore ;( so i went ahead to buy the black one, chic business phone i guess? LG KS360. i think the term for these kind of phones are "webslides". HAHA.


hmm, i just cut my hair too! (; well, it used to be like this:
haha, this is what i wore for my presentation, love it. it's so comfy too that sometimes i feel that i could wear it to sleep. haha. P.S: yes, i know messy room!

NOW, it's only up to my shoulder but well, i'll wait for it to grow longer. i can only stand 2 type of hairstyles for me. haha one is long and the other is short with style. HAHA. so im really tempted to cut my hair way short such that i can style it.

hehe, re-using my webcam because my camera's battery died on me.

alright, since im on the topic of new things; HERE GOES (the preview of) my photoshoot photos (;




P.S: warning for big pictures for the next post!

oh and dear has an iPhone now. hehe, now i can play it's game (;
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