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B2S & early xmas celebration posted at 2:16 PM


alright, last sat we had a "BACK TO SCHOOL" theme! it was kinda fun because everyone was dressing up (; i thought merilyn's outfit looks like Hermonie! haha, maybe im the only one who thinks that way. AHHH , i realized i didn't take a picture with her >;(



i went for the japanese school look so i tied my hair at the side into a flower-ish pattern( see first photo). haha, to those who think that its kinda hard to do, NO WAY, it's easy once you see the steps (;


anyway, i feel like to buy a professional camera but it's so expensive! :/ maybe i can save all my angbao money for 2 years plus a bit of other savings on my part and i can get it! HAHA, right.. linn... that's what you always say. LOL. but i think i wanna save for my braces first. haha




also i went to a early Christmas celebration yesterday at Cheng How's Condo (; A BIG BIG thank you to Cheng How and kaixin for preparing the place (; it felt so nice there (;

they still make sure that there were like a starter dish, which was the soup then the fruits; all nicely placed! totally GREAT! (;

see what greeted us when we went in! COOL!

first dish- soup!

next, fruits!




P.S: having eczema at my eye area now, just went to see the docs... AHH, praying for it to faster heal! so these few days may not update as much...


i've been showing this video to my friends! maybe you'll love it too!
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