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EOY and new year! posted at 2:31 PM

So sorry that i haven't been updating my blog due to overwhelming projects flowing in and my new blogshop that is going to start soon! i just took the pictures for it yesterday, so hoping that it'll turn out well (; But anyway, never late then never to blog yeah? haha, i realised i have so many things to blog about that i dont know where to start...

but well, i'll start with EOY (; i woke up that day, LATE! haha, but then i didn't rush anything because i didnt want to destroy any makeup or especially my wig. so i took a cab down to bugis. Once i went down there alone (sad isnt it?), i tried to find my cosplay friends there. which i couldnt :( So i became thick-skinned and decided to start taking pictures with all the cos-ers.

the first one that i saw was NATSU! (from Fairy Tail, which is what i've been watching recently) so i went to ask to take photo with him. haha, but unfortunately since i was alone, i had to ask some of his friends to help us take. haha.


and his partner, Gray!

and well, that's basically how i randomly met the rest that you'll see:


i took with this "L" on the evelator.. then there was some people who were so nice to take it for us! haha

but well, i met stanman there (;

he was cos-ing as mokuro dokuro from KHR which i feel that it's very good. aiyah, he's just one of those better cosplayers in SG. haha, well, i know him (since he's kinda famous in the cosplay world here) but i dont think he knows me. haha, this is what happened -

Stanman suddenly stops and says to me: "hey still remember me?"
linn looks and frowns: "sorry you are..?"
Stanman thinks and says "stanman"
linn starts to be happy cos she meets a good cosplayer and wanted a picture with him (which he took with me (; )

somehow, i think he thinks that im some other cosplayer that he knows.. haha, but i hope i can cosplay with him one day.. :D

(there are many more photos of cosplayers that i have, but i reckon that it'll clog up your whole internet speed, so i decrease the number of photos that i was going to post, but if you wanna see more of the cosplayers that are very good, go to www.sgcafe.com under the cosplay section, you'll find "events")

after that i took a cab to church wearing that blond wig, and all my "costume". cool yeah? but well, i was debating if i should go because of what i was wearing because i was having a headache :/ but in the end i went and took many photos with the cg and took photo with SUN HO (AN INTERNATIONAL POP SINGER)! (; though i was cut off from the pic ;( No cookies for those who can spot where i was.
the coolest looking person there is SUN!

took photo with wei fang (;

after that i took another cab home! i calculated i spent like $50 on cab alone. but i guess it's worth it for cosplay (;

And what is cosplay without camwhore? :D
with my dear (;

anyway a bit late but HAPPY NEW YEAR!

P.S: i blogged this whole post when i was at my lecture because i was bored! But only uploading it now..
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