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A'Famosa M'sia Xmas/20 decembers trip Day 1 (; posted at 10:52 PM

20 Decembers

20 December happens to be the time where Dear and me will celebrate our anniversary time together (; it's our 4th year together!

This year, his dad wanted to go to A' Famosa, Msia, and asked us if we wanted to go from 21-24 dec :D So we thought, why not have a simple celebration on the 20th instead since i'm going along with his family overseas?

While waiting for dear at his house, i thought why not cam whore. LOL.

So on 20 decembers, we went to watch Tron Legacy at the new Serangoon Nex. I didn't really like the show except for the special effects that it has. Story line was like so-so only (-.-).

Btw, Dear bought me a iTouch 4! i'm super touched!! i didn't think much of Apple things because i thought i didn't need it. But with this, i'm a apple fan. Thank you dear!! i love you!! (BTW, to show you how much i love it, this whole post's pics are taken with the iTouch. may not be the best quality though :/)

I actually got him an iPad (he's a apple fantic) but i didn't have the money to pay everything so most of it is paid by his mom. Going to buy him a new pair of slippers for him too since he's old one is dying.

We walked around the shopping mall for awhile and went to buy gifts since we were going to meet our frens for a mini-xmas celebration.

Fine Dining prepared by Cheng How!!

Romantic feel with the candles! LOL.

The food was awesome!! He even baked a log cake by himself for us! totally awesome.

However, this year as we met up together, our gift exchange was a little different... We had a piece of paper and had to split the paper in two sections. On the right side of the paper, we were suppose to draw something to give a clue about our gift and on the left side of the paper we were suppose to write a task for that person to do. You would have to do the task and guess the item correctly before able to get the gift!

I couldn't think of any task therefore i wrote something simple: "Please help to clean up after we eat!"

So the paper is then mixed and given out at random. We can look at our paper but then if all decided that they wanted to change, we will could change.

The first task that i've received was "eat toilet paper!" my eyes went (0.0) and immediately i was like "LET'S CHANGE PAPERS!!" Good thing the rest were okay with that and we changed again.

phew... So in the end i got this task where i'm suppose to do funny photos with my face and not only that, they have to laugh. (WHICH I FAILED QUITE BADLY) talk about pressure, lol. i would love to put it on my blog but the pictures are not with me. Seriously i think they were super accommodating to my task because some either fake laugh or Jia Wei would try to help me by helping to think of poses. THANK YOU SO MUCH GUYS!

P.S: Cheng How had the task with the toliet paper one; which he bravely went ahead and do it. Daryl had to eat a bowl of parsley which was horrible! Mei Man had to make tomato juice with her bare hands and drink it. Jia Wei got my task which was clean up. Adrian had to hold a chicken bone in his mouth and he had to pursuade the 2 people from his left and right to do the same thing and stand on a chair and take a photo.

What a night!

A'Famosa Trip Day 1

Fast forward to next day! We went to A'FAMOSA!! it's the first time that i've went there, so i was really excited for it! (:

We actually went into m'sia in the late afternoon since the check in time was 4pm! By the time that we've reached there, we were hungry and went to out first place in A'Famosa. The Cow Boy Theme Park!!

Daryl's dad bought this picture for RM18. Once we went in, without warning they gave us some cowboy hats and then put that parrot on me! In fact they even gave us guns. I wonder if it is to kill the parrot? LOL.

It was actually quite rundown. But there was this show that lasted for 3 hours++ so after eating there, we went to the show.

First off is the Red Indian Show. They were dancing their tribal dances and playing with fire.

An Red Indian playing spitting fire from his mouth.

It was quite interesting actually. Especially when they brought two audiences down to their stage to participate in their routine.

First off they had to do a simple dance like thing waving the fire stick (?) around. Then they were suppose to do the "eleh.eleh.eleh." kind of shout that Red Indians do. It was so funny because both of them were girls and they didn't really have the courage and stamina to do it as well. Lastly they were actually told to EAT fire (since the red indians could do it too). Of course both of them were scared. The girl kept shaking her head saying that she didn't dare to do it. the Red Indian helping her had to force her forehead facing the sky so that she could eat the fire. So there was another red indian holding the fire stick and slowing bringing it down towards her. BUT just when it was reaching her, they quickly removed the fire stick and 'ate' the fire themselves.

After that, they did some more tribal dances before the event ended.

We waited at the area for about 30minutes more since the next animal parade was starting. It was actually more than a animal parade as many dancers came out as well!


Elephants that know how to dance!

Cows that knew how to walk to the end of the road without any trainer

Clowns came out as well. But they are not your normal clowns. they are like Joker from Batman. "Why so serious?"

These guys came out in trishaws as well. My gosh, it was a guy with i-dont-know what is stuff underneath his chest. i reckon that it's 2 watermelons! lol.

In fact that guy had a comrade and they were dancing the night away! lol.

Some beautiful lights that came out on some car?

beautiful trishaws~

And the best for the last, FIREWORKS!!

It was as though it was free. The fireworks show lasted for very long.

"baby you're a firework~" -Katy Perry

Woo... beautiful (;

Picture of a heart fireworks. or maybe a whale?

And that concluded day 1 at A'Famosa, Melaka, Malaysia.

Will post Day 2 soon!

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