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[Event] Gala premiere of Perfect Rivals/ Review of Prefect Rivals posted at 11:57 PM

Gala premiere of Perfect Rivals

Dragged Daryl along although he don't really like local films. Hehe.

I was suppose to go to the Red carpet event that was before the movie premiere but i was late due to work at the Suntec IT road show. But when i got there, the event was already almost done and the stars were only drinking and chatting with the people around.

So i went to EAT!!

Aiyah, i was super hungry because i didn't eat much when i was working so i thought just skip the event and dear and me went to LJS because i love the cajun chicken there(;

After that, we went back to the event and i saw the stars but that day i was feeling very tired and just wasn't "thick skin" enough to ask the stars for pictures. Thinking back, i should actually taken a photo with them (-.-)

Anyway, fast forward when we were waiting for the movie to start. Before the movie started, we had to wait for quite some time and i started to panic and thought that we were in the wrong cinema hall. But we saw people that we know around us so i didn't say anything.

(side-unrelated-note: my fake eyelashes felt super itchy and i had to take them off :( so much for finally wearing fake eyelashes out and taking them out at an event. lol)

Then the stars came to our cinema to say 'Hi' and stuff. haha. i think Pamelyn Chee looks super pretty in real life as well (; And Irene Ang was also very funny too.

Sorry for the lousy picture guys, but i was scared that security would take my camera away or something. lol.

Review of Prefect Rivals
There are some scenes where i think were quite funny but overall, i took quite some time to know what's going on in the beginning because it kinda was jumping scenes from the past to the future and it's like only at the middle then you'll get it. Plus, a lot of the scenes were quite random.

The characters probably lacked depth and personally, i would like them to be developed more then scratching the surface of their personality.

Overall, it may be good for the occasional laughs though (; Personally i find that at least our local film industry is growing which is a good sign :D

Rating: 3/5

This is what i wore when i went to the event. Didn't really feel like dressing up because was tired that day. In fact this picture was taken like a week later when i had the mood to take photo. lol.

P.S: wanted to put this picture as my dp on my blog but decided to use the other one instead. haha.

//Quick updates: my hamster gave birth and dear dyed my hair (;

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