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[Cosplay] STGCC 2012 - Touya Hibiki posted at 11:19 PM

Hello! I'm sorry that i've stopped blogging for so long :x But THANK YOU to a lot of you who still come and check if there are updates.

I'm back (: So now... I'll be back dating all my postings so please bear with me.

P.S: I'm in the midst of revamping my blog. So please ignore any errors that may occur during these few days. 

STGCC 2012

OH MY GOSH!!! TOUYA HIBIKI was in Singapore!! I was so so so so happy!! Normally, I don't attend STGCC but because of Touya, I bought the tickets to go in and take photo with her! And I dragged dear along too.

Once inside, I went to join the queue to take photo with her. There were so many people! So I quickly snapped a number of pictures of her while queueing.

Finally it was my turn and I was in my 'Japanese mode' (LOL) that day so I gave a quick bow while saying "Konichia". Touya was so nice and asked me if I was a Japanese... then before I could even reply, Yun got excited and said something really fast in Japanese that I gave '?' look.

In the end, the organiser look at us and prompted with her eyes to take this picture faster because we were like chatting away.

Touya is very polite in real life and looks exactly the same as her pictures!! She's very nice to all her fans and at the same time so professional~~

Carrying all the excitement that I still felt in my heart, I decided to walk around the place and boy, do I love this Cosplay....

Diablo!! I play this game at home too... So I was super happy that someone was cosplaying him with all the light effects and everything.

Nice Gundam Costume!!

Kawaii Mickey Mouse

I had a great time at STGCC :D Hopefully the organsier will bring Touya to Singapore again!

P.S: Thanks for reading! I hope to start back the momentum of blogging again so i'm trying to have 1 post out per week :D Do Check back ya!

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