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[Event] JRunway Official Launch posted at 11:02 AM


Yes! Finally so many Nice Japanese Brands are available in Singapore! Thank you to Elim Chew for bringing this concept - a one-stop Japanese Brand Outlet, to Singapore! Here are some of my favourite Brands: Brigitte, Dolly Wink, Emoda, Fi.n.t and Royal Party! 

Makeup from Brigitte!! 
I really like Rola's hair color! Perhaps one day I might dye it. 

Very nice and original clothes from Japan!

Here's the make up of the day! My make up is like evolving. It's a mixture of Jap (Gyaru) and Korean Make up. lol. haha and of course must act cute! haha. 

And there were many pretty and handsome models that day who walked the runway. [Credits to Jrunway]

I went there to support Cheesie and Qiu Qiu! OMG so prewwwtttttyyyy in real life!

with Kawaii ambassador for Jrunway, Misako Aoki! 

Went there to find Noelle. Btw, Join her giveaway here!

Pic with Cheesie! So kawaii~! And I was quite sad when  I saw the pic at home, because my eyes were in the half-blinking mode. lol. 

Hehe... Out of nowhere... OMY reporters came to interview noelle. haha she was in shock! But as you can see, still very cute (:

With cute noelle again~

With the owner of Jrunway, Ms Elim Chew. If you have time, look for her story. Very inspirational. I was really happy to finally be able to take a photo with her!

She's super nice as well. I didn't want to bother anyone to take our picture so the first picture was self-shot. However, she was the one who asked for someone to hold the camera for us. Thank you Elim for bringing the concept to Singapore again!

With Jim! He looks so Japanese that I thought he was a full fledge Japanese when I met him! haha now I know... haha 

With Joanne! We met at an audition (:


Qiu Qiu helping others to put on makeup. 

With One of their friendly staff at Jrunway. Crazy Afro but unique.

Really liked his iPhone 5 cover. Unfortunately my phone is a S3. Hopefully next time they will import these for S3 too.

I really liked this umbrella at the event. It's so cute and unique.

LOL. too many pretty people. Shall end this post with random self-shot. haha. 

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