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[Event] [Shiseido Professional] Clothes, Colors, Patterns and Hair Trends 2013 posted at 11:14 PM

Hi all! I've been so honored to be invited to Shiseido Professional's 2013SS Season Trend Hair Show!

They have been so nice to share many insider's information on what's the next and current trend!

Prepare to get your minds blown away and make sure to update your wardrobe, hair and makeup items!

This year's theme is Sherbet Delight. To me, they are getting back a bit of the retro scene but of course adding modern features to compliment it nicely.


Before the event started, i thought i'll camwhore. I mean... why not? :P

Made some friends before the event started...

- Candid shot :p -

Top hairstylist from Shiseido Professional- Mr Kenji and Yoshiyuki, will be sharing this informative session and both of them are really nice and very experienced in this industry. 

Kenji Toyota -
Kenji, who belongs to Shiseido Beauty Creation Research Center, creates salon styles and conducts seminars as a creative team member of “Shiseido Season Hair”. He is in charge of hair for the advertisements for Shiseido brands “Integrate” and “URARA” as well as being involved with hair and makeup for actresses and models. He also takes active part in various collections – New York, Paris, men’s and haute couture – and serves as lead hairstylist at the Tokyo collection.
Yoshiyuki Takahashi -
Yoshiyuki worked actively as a stylist with No. 1 sales at the Shiseido Beauty Salon. After being selected as an Academy member, he transferred to Shiseido Beauty Creation Research Center where he is currently active as a hair and makeup artist. Aside from being involved in collections and photo shoots, he conducts hair shows and seminars for both domestic and throughout Asia such as Malaysia, Singapore, China, Hong Kong, and Thailand. He is also engaged in the development of hair products and educational software.

Here are the HOT trends for this year: 

For clothes:

For Color:

For patterns:
For texture:

For Make up:

For hair:

I gotta share something slightly embarrassing with you guys. When they presented this slide, I was like, "Yes!! I'm in braids that day. So I'm totally in trend!!" I actually was smiling quite widely and I think Kenji-san realized it. haha. Opps...

And of course, with top hairstylist in the room, they gotta do a hair show for us!!

Half-way through, he was using a mousse that was so unique and lightweight that I couldn't believe it! Kenji-san crunch it into a ball and tossed it in the air!! And it landed perfectly on his hands! Can you believe how amazing is this product!!?? Everyone was like "What sorcery is this?!"

This has great holding power and so lightweight, it's as though you did not put anything on your hair! So cheat your way through by getting this Shiseido Professional's mousse and act as though you didn't put any effort in your hair.

And a big round of applause to Shiseido Professional's team and models who made this event so fun!

After the event, met this super sweet and kawaii girl - Pearlin at mtrayu.tumblr.com/. It's so awesome because we both love Japanese stuff and she so so nice to be around with. Plus, I was so happy that I could speak in Japanese and we could have a short conversation in it! YAY!

Please check her blog for better quality pictures of the event! haha unforuntaly, my camera does not work well with dim-lighted situations thus, some pictures are grainy here :/

Hope this post has inspired you to think differently and change your style up. Many options listed by Shiseido Professional for you to try! Good luck and have fun!

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