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[Review] Heroine Make Lastin Mineral BB Cream Review posted at 11:19 AM

Yay I'm back on writing reviews again! This time it's another BB cream! Anyway, I decided to stop buying new products just so that I can write a review. Now.. I have too many products and yet... so little time to blog about all of them! Maybe I should start a giveaway? haha

Anyway I went to Heroine Make FB page and grabbed a sample. Here's the small pack that they sent me! (lol, I feel like im 'cheap skate MAX' haha)

Here's me with absolutely no make up, no moisturizer or anything.  You can see how my skin has some redness, pimples and dark circles T.T

Before I start my review, I do want to say I've lost hope in a lot of BB creams because their color didn't suit me or it turn out sticky or it wasn't long lasting. I think it probably because my skin is sensitive and dry that's why it always gives me a lot of trouble :(

Another Picture of my bad skin before I start :( 

Review - Lasting Mineral BB Cream, Heroine Make 

I read from RatzillaCosme that Lasting Mineral BB Cream is targeted for women in their 20s who have dry skin. That is one of the main reason why I wanted to try this. So I applied a thin layer of the BB cream over my skin and here's the result:

Even though, for the sake of the review I only applied a thin layer to see if it's really good or not... Wow... My pores are evidently smaller and overall it looks a lot smoother! Uneven Skin Tone gone as well! 

Here's a closer look... Dark circles lightened and pimples covered :D Yay!! The best thing that I like about this is that it's enhances my skin colour and makes me look so nice! Also, It has SPF so it's good for S'pore's weather.

However, it did feel a bit sticky after application though. After letting it settling in for about 2 minutes, it wasn't as sticky so I put powder on and then it was prefect. 

It stayed on while I went to an event, Jrunway Offical opening  (will blog this in 2-3 days!), and clearly it looked nice on pictures as well.  The Price of this should be around $21.90 and is available at Watsons.

Here's some pictures of the BB cream after the event. For this look, I applied a normal layer (instead of a thin one in the review) and I didn't need to use concealer (: Plus it stayed on pretty well (: 

 Btw.. I call this pose "cheat-and-make-smaller-face"pose. Haha.

After I removed my make-up, my skin didn't feel dry at all! That was probably the most impressive thing! Love it!

Here's the verdict:
Basic coverage      7/10
Long-Lasting       8.5/10
Brightens                9/10     
After effects           9/10   
 Price                      7.5/10
Overall               8.2/10

So would I buy it? Yes I will :D

UPDATE: I tried to get it at Watsons but it seems that it's not available yet. Will update once I find that it's available!

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