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[Event] Jrunway Denim Event 2013 posted at 12:04 AM

Jrunway Denim Event 2013 @ Plaza Singapura

 BOO!! ME WITH BLONDE HAIR! LOVE LOVE LOVE THE COLOR! :D Tried to do something different to my hair so it's in an olden kind of milk lady braid. Vintage win? haha...

Anyway, I was honored to be invited to Jrunway Denim Event! Like I said in my earlier post on Jrunway( Click Here!) , I love how they are bringing in more Japanese brands for us! It's an amazing store!

This time, they brought in 10 Japanese Denim Brands - Tenryo Denim, Seams, Omnigod (NICE NAME!!), Momotaro Jeans, FOB Factory, Denim Closet, DELAY by Win &Sons, Dania Japan, Commonplace!

They were going to have a runway event with the students of Laselle coordinating the runway.Woot! The runway models are H-O-T!

I went with vanessa to the event! She's so cute! We met earlier to have lunch, so here's the camwhores!

I realize something different about Jrunway staff. They are all so pretty and professional. If you want advice on fashion, I'm sure they are able to give as well... they are all so fashionable! Jealous! Now if only I put half that effort to look good at work. Haha (but that's another story).

See how professional-like I am with their land yard!

So Touched! First time see my blog printed on a land yard!!

Shortly after we camwhored, the event was starting so we made our way in... ONLY TO CONTINUE OUR VAIN-NESS... haha...

No la, I kid. Just two more pic before the event starts...

 I wanted to do an excited face, however it failed... So it's stuck between shock and happy?


And hot half-naked models walked the stage. \

Okay, I know the first pic is blur... but hey, LOOK! ABS! OwO

It's quite interesting to see so many different kind of combination you can wear with Denim. Never knew there could be so many!

 Inside the store

After the event, there were some light refreshments for us. They have a pop up store outside of PS, so do go over and take a look!

&Obviously,.the last thing we must so is to take with the jrunway board thingy? to act all celebrity-like. LOL.

So if you are in need of new demin of great material or awesome clothes from Japan, Go to their Jrunway Flagship store now!!

Address: 68 Orchard Road, Plaza Singapura, #01-54, Singapore 238839
Tel: +65-63377546

Ending this post with two huge pictures of me because I really love my blonde hair!

Opps. Update: I forgot to mention we took pictures with some of the Male models after the event!

Hey... all also have 6 pack one ok?!


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