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[Review] Natural Aqua Gel Cure Review - No.1 in Japan posted at 12:07 AM

In case you do not know about this awesome product called Cure Natural Aqua Gel... You are living underneath a ROCK! It's so many people's rave and No.1 skincare product in Japan. It's a gel that exfoliates your skin gently.

& The amazing thing is that they don't even advertise! News spread via Word of Mouth.

So... I decided to try this product to see if it really works as what it claims to be.

So here is my review on the Natural Aqua Gel Cure.

I tried this product once a week to see how much my skin will improve and used it over a 2 month period.

[Tip: Exfoliate your skin at least once a week. Or all your expensive products that you apply on your skin will not work as well! This is because your skin has a layer of dead skin and will not be able to absorb all your products (i.e. toner, moisturizer)]

So basically this is what happens...

Skin before exfoliating. Tried to do the hand modeling thingy for nails advertisment. Obviously fail... *sigh* But anyway my skin looks nice and all but...

Let's see if there is any dirt/dead skin hidden

Rub gently on skin and it will slowly exfoliate... And the Great news is that they don't have the tradition exfoliating method that usually have beads in them which might harm your skin if you rub it too much!

And... Yes! all the dirt comes off! After this, just use water to wash it!

My skin looks refreshed and the best part? It feels like baby skin!! WOW!!

Yup im definitely happy with this Cure. It really does what it says to be!

So the verdict - Very gentle on skin and gives me baby skin texture! LOVE and recommended!


hehe... a little cameo from my photogenic but shy Sky.

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